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Tips for Making Fast Sales on Poshmark


Everyone knows that in this age of social shopping (and selling), efficiency is crucial to your success! This is especially true on Poshmark’s platform. Here are two of my most successful methods I’ve used over the years to ensure sales come rolling in everyday:


– Use Proper Keywords & Descriptions for Listings –



There’s nothing worse than seeing a gorgeous covershot of an item only to see the title is poorly written as “ cute dress” or “nice handbag”… there’s very little chance that someone searching Poshmark to buy a new handbag will ever find those listings…and they very well may be the perfect item someone was ready to buy! 

Instead, fully describe the style, color, shape/silhouette of an item in your listing. Additionally, make full use of the category and subcategory selections as you edit your new listing. Many buyers use these search features to quickly find exactly what they are looking for! 

BONUS: if you purchase inventory from WILA, you can use the exact title we provide since we always make sure the best keywords are included so you can easily find what you’re shopping for!


– Use The Price Drop Tool –



This tool was recently upgraded to have two options: public offers and private offers to likes (the people who already like your item). Both are useful and will reach people interested in your item.

– Private Offer to Likes –



Personally, I find myself using the Private Offer option much more because it allows you to reach the people who are already actually interested in this item directly. You are required to offer a 10% minimum discount with at least $1.50 off shipping costs (there is an auto calculator included in this feature!) It will send an in app notification as well as an email to all users who like this item and will remain active for 24 hours unless the user declines. 

    – Do note that users will only receive the price offer notification if you offer it 10% lower than your previous offers. However, that rule resets after 90 days…but most likely you’ll already have sold out by then! Also, if you ‘edit’ the listing after you’ve sent out the offers it will mark the offer invalid. So make sure your listing is ready to go and let it sit while the offer is live. You can still share the listing, just don’t ‘edit’ it!

Generally, I’d use this private offer feature after the listing has received 5+ likes or if the listing has been live for at least 3 days. You can use it as soon as you receive 1 like if you want, but I like to wait a minimum of 24 hours to see if they will just buy at full price. To use this feature, go to the listing, scroll down to price drop in the right bottom corner and select “Private Offer”. 

– Public Price Drop –


If you’ve already offered the private 10% off to everyone who likes the item and you’re still waiting for the 90 days to pass before you are eligible to remake the offer, you can always use the traditional Price Drop Tool. This means you will be lowering the public listing price by at least 10%. Everyone who likes the item will receive the app and email notification at this point, regardless of how long ago you sent them a private offer. My advice on this: don’t use this unless it’s been a month or so since you sent out your private offers. You don’t want to bombard people with offers, you’d like to use this last option as a kind reminder that “Hey I’m still willing to give you a deal…” without being like “Helllo, I’m giving you a good deal – buy my stuff!”


I hope you’ll give these tactics a shot when looking to ramp up your Poshmark sales – they have definitely worked for me if I keep up with them consistently. Let me know in the comments your own ideas on how you make sales fast!



  • Go through your shop and revamp your listing titles to have proper keywords
  • Carefully look through your listings to add appropriate categories, subcategories, and colors selected
  • Start using the Private Offer to Likes tool after you’ve revamped!

xo, Kate @shopwila


One thought on “Tips for Making Fast Sales on Poshmark

  1. I appreciate the tips Kate! For me the most effective way to improve my sales is just to share consistently, and to share my whole closet. It can take a while sometimes but the time investment is worth it.

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